Socket Residual Current Device (SRCD)

A Socket Residual Current Device prevents injuries and fatalities in case of a current leakage in appliances placed in electric leak-prone environments like Wet Grinders, Iron Boxes, Washing Machines etc…

In the event of a leakage, the RCCB installed at the main Distribution board trips and disconnects the entire house. It is difficult to locate the fault in this case and hence the RCCB is replaced with MCB to forego the nuisance. This risks human life and property damage.

When SRCD protection is not available, a damaged appliance cord or bad wiring may cause current leakage and lead to death.



Safety First

In the case of a current leak, ProSafe can disconnect and isolate the connected appliance within 40ms, even before the leaked current can build upto 30 mA. Provides safety against electric shock. Provides protection against line to ground arcing. Does not trip in the event of power failure

Know which circuit is tripping

All other circuits remain unaffected as only the appliance connected to ProSafe is isolated. Identifying the leakage path is made simpler. Electrical and mechanical indication of the contact position

India's first

ProSafe is India's first Socket Residual Current Device


Robust Double-Pole switching. High speed and reliable ElectroMechanical latching mechanism. In-line terminal arrangement for easy wiring and screwdriver assembly

Usage Guide

  1. Test before use and frequently by pressing the Test Button.
  2. If indicator stays red after pressing test button, DO NOT USE! Contact a certified electrician.
  3. Note: Wiring and installation instructions give along with the product.

Tested At


Description Value
Rated Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Maximum Operating Current 16A
Rated Trip Current 30mA
Poles 2
Suitable box 2 or 3 module Indian box
Conforms to standard IEC 62640-2015 and IS 17119-2019
Color White
Warranty 1 Year
Product Weight 100gms
Product Dimensions 118 x 94 x 40 mm